Valentine’s Day Stats

A million studies and surveys come out around Valentine’s Day each year.  So we went through and pulled out the best stuff.  Here are ten random stats . . .

1.  Americans will spend $27 billion for Valentine’s Day this year.  And a lot of it is spent on CRAP.  Last year, we shelled out about $9.5 billion for UNWANTED gifts, like kitchen utensils or a gym membership.

2.  On average, nine million people propose on Valentine’s Day each year.  And roughly one million Facebook users will change their relationship status in the next few days.

3.  There’s a 33% spike in online dating in the two weeks before Valentine’s Day.  The states with the biggest spikes are Alabama, Texas, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  And Tinder will see a 20% surge in traffic today.

4.  The average online dater spends six hours a week looking for love.  Or about 51 minutes a day.  But according to a new poll, it’s NOT the top way people meet.  “Through work” and “through mutual friends” tied for first.

5.  The top international destination for Valentine’s Day this year is Mexico.  It’s home to all of the top three cities:  Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta.

6.  Hallmark now makes over 1,260 unique Valentine’s Day cards you can buy.

7.  About 30% of annual flower sales happen this week.

8.  Only 20% of Americans think Valentine’s Day is romantic.  46% think it’s become too commercialized.

9.  Young people aren’t huge fans.  15% of people in Generation Z don’t think of today as a REAL holiday.  And of those who do celebrate, 25% would cancel it if they could.

10.  Other than our romantic partners, the top people we plan to give gifts to today are our kids . . . another family member . . . and a friend.  And 15% of us will buy OURSELVES a gift this year.