Bad Hair Days

The average American suffers 96 bad hair days a year, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans discovered that the average respondent will have three months’ worth of bad hair days every year. That amounts to experiencing eight bad hair days a month, or slightly over a week trying to tame their locks. From hair falling out when washing or brushing (46 percent) and general hair loss (35 percent) to frizzy (35 percent) and oily or greasy (33 percent) hair, Americans deal with a lot of unfortunate hair issues regularly.


The study found that four in five respondents have chosen to not leave the house because they were having a bad hair day. A third (33 percent) have called in sick to work over a hair issue, with the average respondent saying they’ve called out sick five separate times because of a bad hair day. Finally, half of those studied reveal they have bailed on a date due to an inability to get their hair to look good, while a further 38 percent have skipped a social function.


Top five signs of a bad hair day


1.   Hair looking thin and lifeless: 46 percent

2.   Weird cowlicks: 40 percent

3.   Sleeping on it funny: 36 percent

4.   Noticing hair loss: 31 percent

5.   Putting too much product on: 27 percent