The Online Dating Issues People Complain Most about in Therapy

1. Being on dating apps feels like a part-time job

To cast a wide net, many singles have profiles on multiple dating apps, with multiple conversations going on with many people at any given time. Monitoring matches, swiping on profile after profile and sharing good banter with people of interest takes a lot of mental energy.


2. We started chatting and then there was radio silence

Back in the day, romantic rejection from strangers was mostly restricted to the bar and other places where singles congregate. Today’s singles have to deal with a one-two punch of rejection: They get rejected in person and on the apps.


3. I’m matching with the wrong type of person

It can be head-scratching to go on first date after first date but never seem to establish anything beyond that. In therapy, it leads people to wonder, “Why do I keep attracting the wrong type of person? Is it me?”


4. First dates feel like interviews, and no one lives up to their profile (or my expectations)

A common complaint among singles is that the experience of online dating feels “fake” ― and when a match does make it past the preliminary, messaging phase, the meetup is often a letdown.


6. I’m totally out of decent matches

Singles complain that it seems like the dating pool is drying up. Depending on the app, you may be able to set your preferences to another location. If you’ve been on dating apps in a certain neighborhood for several years, set your radius or even primary location to be slightly outside your area.