Adulting Is Tough! Here Are Seven Things We Struggle With

Being a grown-up can be tough.  And a recent survey looked at some of the things we struggle with.  Here are seven stats on adulting . . .

 1.  65% of people said they’d be embarrassed if someone popped in unannounced, because their home is so messy.

  2.  26% of us don’t feel like we’re on top of our careers.

  3.  54% avoid our to-do lists.

  4.  32% of us feel like we’re currently juggling too many things at once.

  5.  20% of people have no idea what they’re making for dinner most days.

  6.  30% said their finances are out of control.

  7.  21% constantly let dirty laundry pile up.  And 62% admitted they have to re-wash a lot of clothes, because they forgot to move stuff to the dryer.  (Daily Mail)