The Most Annoying Pictures We Take on Vacation

We love posting vacation photos, but do our jealous friends even want to see them?  A new survey asked people to name the most annoying types of vacation photos people post on social media.  Here are the top ten . . .


1.  “Hot dog leg” photos.  Meaning those point-of-view shots women take of their tan legs while lounging by the pool.  26% of us think they’re annoying now.

2.  Photos used for bragging.  Like if you posted a shot with a caption that said, “Bet my Monday is better than yours.”

3.  Bikini poses, or other sexy swimwear pics.

4.  Pictures of drinks.

5.  Posing on a pristine beach.

6.  Photos where you’re sitting in a lounge chair sunbathing.

7.  Pictures from your flight, or views out the window.

8.  Any vacation photo that’s posted late.  Like weeks or months after your trip.

9.  Photos that look TOO professional, like you hired someone to do a photoshoot.

10.  Sunrise and sunset photos.

(The Sun)