Things You Didn’t Know About the Centers for Disease Control

Between the Coronavirus scare and it being a very bad flu season, the CDC is in the news a lot lately.  So it’s a good time to check out The Top Things You Didn’t Know About the Centers for Disease Control.



  • They tackle medical mysteries, like “Why does cancer spread?”  And “How is Keith Richards still alive?”
  • They have a Twitter account, but it’s mostly used for posting cat memes.
  • Even with wearing a HAZMAT suit as an option, CDC workers refuse to enter a Chevron bathroom.
  • Coca-Cola played a major role in its foundation.  Which is why it goes easy on diabetes.
  • It was originally formed to combat Bieber Fever.
  • It has one of the world’s only repositories of smallpox.  Or as Kevin Hart knows it, “pox.”
  • They contribute material to numerous publications, including “Time”“The New England Journal of Medicine”, and “Penthouse Letters”.
  • It studies alcoholism, drug abuse, and STDs.  So, Charlie Sheen.
  • They’ve decided not to serve Corona at this summer’s company picnic, because it’s just not a good look right now.
  • The CDC offers great tips on how to be healthy.  And Americans do a great job ignoring them.
  • It gets most of its specimens for studying from the hot tub at the “Bachelor” mansion.
  • The CDC collects data about preventing autism, so they have a whole building dedicated to stopping Jenny McCarthy.
  • The CDC also focuses on workplace injuries.  Like Walmart workers going to the restroom and accidentally getting burned from the meth lab equipment.