This Year’s Most Unusual Super Bowl Prop Bets

Here are some of this year’s more unusual prop bets on the Super Bowl.

– Will Gladys Knight forget a word during the National Anthem
– Will any member of the Pips join Gladys for the National Anthem
– Will any scoring drive take less time than the National Anthem
– Will Joe Buck mention his dad Jack Buck?
– How many times will Tony Romo say “Here we go”
– Will they show the Golden Gate Bridge
– Number of women who claim to be sleeping with Jimmy Garapolo during Super Bowl Week
– Will Jennifer Lopez show butt cleavage during the halftime show
– How many times will Alex Rodriguez be shown during the halftime show: Zero / More than once
– Will J.Lo or Shakira be caught lip-syncing
– Will Shakira and Jennifer Lopez twerk during the halftime show
– Will breasts be shown
– Will any performer fall
– Will MC Hammer say “Hammer time” in a Cheetos commercial
– Will MC Hammer say “too legit” in a Cheetos commercial
– How many times will Donald Trump tweet on Super Bowl Sunday? Over 13.5 times / Under 13.5 times
– Will any player propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game
– Will an animal appear on the field (no birds)
– If there’s a streaker, who will touch or tackle them first: Security/Player/Coach/Ref/Other
– How many commercials will include a dog? Over 3.5 / Under 3.5
– What color will the Super Bowl LIV Gatorade shower be? Lime/Green/Yellow/Purple