Rejected Las Vegas Tourism Slogans

Las Vegas has updated their tourism slogan to “What Happens Here, Only Happens Here.”  Find out what gems were passed over with this list of The Top Rejected Las Vegas Tourism Slogans.


  • Where Your Kid’s College Fund Goes to Die.
  • Vegas Is for Lovers . . . Of All the Stuff Your Wife Doesn’t Want You to Do.
  • The Smell of Desperation and Stale Cigarettes Never Gets Old.
  • Vegas:  Loose Slots, Looser Women.
  • If There’s a Deadly Virus Going Around, You’ll Find It Here!
  • Fat Midwesterners Letting Loose Is Really Sad.
  • What Happens in Vegas May Just Make Its Way Into Your Divorce Hearing.
  • Las Vegas:  It’s like Disneyland for Adults . . . Hedonistic, Compulsive, Drunken Adults.
  • If You Think It’s Hepatitis, It Probably Is.
  • It’s Beautiful . . . If You Don’t Look at Any One Thing for More than a Few Minutes.
  • Like Reno, But With More Teeth!
  • Bring Us an Object, We’ll Fill It With Strawberry Daiquiri!
  • Las Vegas:  Proudly Providing a Chance for Your Daughter to Strip Her Way Through Med School.
  • Vegas:  The Walk of Shame Capital of the World!