Signs You’re Going to a Bad Dentist

A dentist in Alaska was convicted on charges after a video surfaced of him extracting a patient’s tooth while standing on a hoverboard.  It’s an incident we can add to this list of The Top Signs You’re Going to a Bad Dentist.


  • She’s famous for giving customers “The Giuliani.”
  • He asks if you mind if he keeps your old plaque.
  • He tells you that it’s his first time attempting a root canal, but not to worry because he’ll be watching a good step-by-step YouTube tutorial video while he’s doing it.
  • When you ask how to get back to the waiting room, he says to follow the blood drips on the floor.
  • His policy on Novocain is one shot for you, one shot for him.
  • He tells you right before your tooth extraction that he’s determined not to let his Parkinson’s diagnosis stop him from practicing dentistry.
  • The only magazines in the waiting area are issues of “Bad Dentist Monthly”.
  • She drums up customers by dealing meth.
  • The chair has arm and leg restraints.
  • She whitens your teeth with nail polish.