Signs You’re a Bad Family Feud Contestant

A woman on the Canadian version of “Family Feud” had an embarrassing answer on Thursday.  It was a tie-breaker round at the end of the show, and they had to name “Popeye’s favorite food.”  The correct answer was spinach.  But her answer was “chicken” . . . as in Popeyes Chicken.  It all worked out though, because Popeyes Chicken is now giving her family $10,000 worth of free food to make up for the $10,000 they didn’t win.

  • You try to psyche out the opposing family by telling the kids they’re adopted
  • You just requested “State Capitals for $400”
  • You insist on acting out every answer Charades-style
  • Your “family” is a bunch of strangers you recruited through Craigslist
  • You keep calling Steve Harvey “Regis”
  • You cold-cocked your mom for giving a crappy answer
  • You tell the host “you know what you can do with your survey”
  • After losing two straight rounds, you tried to defect to the other family
  • You answer every question by shouting “Boobies!” and giggling
  • You keep trying to buy a vowel