Parenting Mistakes

If you feel like you’re just a walking DISASTER of a parent who can’t stop doing things that are definitely going to screw up your kid . . . I guess this counts as good news.  Everyone else is doing the same thing.

According to a new survey, the average parent screws up more than four times per week.

They make a total of 221 mistakes per year . . . for a total of just under 4,000 screw ups before their kid finally turns 18.

The top ways we screw up are:  Letting the kids have too much screen time . . . accidentally swearing in front of them . . . and letting them watch something that’s totally inappropriate.

The survey also found that the age when kids are the toughest is SIX . . . and the youngest kid is the one who’s the most likely to cause trouble.  (PR Newswire)