Things to Consider Before Joining an Online Dating Service

 A lot of people join an online dating service in January.  If that includes you, we think you should take a second to review this list of The Top Things to Consider Before Joining an Online Dating Service.  

  • Can I filter out people who AREN’T just seeking sex?
  • Does my look say “I’m down for anything,” or “I’m gettin’ desperate here?”
  • If someone uses this to abduct me and turn me into their sexual plaything, is there a way to send them a thank-you note?
  • Are my Photoshopping skills close to “Kardashian” level?
  • Would I have to start doing things outside my comfort zone?  Like showering?
  • Should I scrub all pictures of my wife and kids from social media?
  • My “Alien vs. Predator” action figures:  Out of the packages or not?
  • It’s totally clever and original to say you’re “fluent in sarcasm,” right? 
  • Will I be able to come up with a good answer to “Sup?”
  • Should I avoid putting the words “chronically unemployed” in my profile?
  • Maybe just leave the house first, and see what happens?