Things Couples Regret Spending Money On At Their Wedding

From the Huffington Post, here are 9 Things Couples Regret Spending So Much Money On For Their Weddings:

1. The flowers. Says one bride, “Our florals cost $3,600. At the end of the wedding, we couldn’t give them away so they were literally thrown in the garbage.”
2. The fancy photographer.
3. The traditional wedding dress. “Looking back, I wish I didn’t spend money on a traditional wedding dress and instead wish I had gone with a simpler dress that I could’ve worn again on some other occasion.”
4. The tchotchke decor items. “A simple arrangement of flowers would’ve been just fine. Now I’m stuck with extra junk in my basement.”
5. The dessert table. “Everyone was pretty full from canapés, entrees and mains and barely touched it.”
6. The venue.
7. The bridesmaid dresses.
8. The additional food.
9. Themed decorations. “It’s best to keep it simple like a color scheme and it can still be elegant.”