Money Resolutions

 A study this week found saving money is the second most-common New Year’s resolution this year.  The only thing that beat it was exercising more.  Now a new study dug deeper by looking at all the money-related resolutions people made.  Here are the top ten . . 

1.  Put more from each paycheck into your savings.

2.  Spend less on delivery and eating out.

3.  Avoid any unnecessary subscriptions.

4.  Do less online shopping.

5.  Get rid of cable.

6.  Spend less on groceries.

7.  Lower your power bill.

8.  Spend less on video games and apps.

9.  Make coffee at home more often.

10.  Start packing a lunch for work.


The survey also found our top financial goals by the year 2030 are to be debt free . . . own a house . . . take a dream vacation . . . and pay off our student loans.