People Waste Almost an Entire Day on Vacation, Study Reveals

There’s nothing worse than wasting time on vacation. A new study reveals how much time people spend “wasting” their vacations doing things like waiting in line and even worrying about work. It turns out, the average vacation-goer may be losing an entire day. A new study reveals that the average person spends about 17-and-a-half hours (out of a seven-day vacation) wasting time. This includes time spent traveling between accommodations, researching places to go and thinking about work.


According to the study, about a quarter of vacationers say they spend too much time just trying to figure out what to do. An equal amount of people said that they spend more time on their vacations doing what others in their group want to do, as opposed to doing what they want. A similar percentage of people said that holiday plans have led to arguments with their travel companions. There are other issues causing “wasted time” on holidays. For example, vacationers may spend several hours waiting in long lines at amusement parks or other attractions.