You Might Want to Avoid Sitting in the Upholstered Hotel Room Chairs

Sure, that temporary home-away-from-home may look clean, but there are plenty of germ-ridden spots in your hotel room – and in pretty unlikely places, too. Gross hotel hairdryers and nasty kettles are just the beginning of your troubles. As for the grossest spot in your hotel room? We’d be willing to bet that it’s the chair.

“Chairs can often be made of hard-to-clean fabric and upholstery, and definitely are not cleaned in the same manner as sheets and towels, which are consistently thrown into the laundry,” says Dr. Nidhi Ghildayal, PhD, infectious disease specialist. “Often, stains on chairs are dabbed and rubbed until they are removed, but other germs that are not noticeable to the eye remain.”

You really never know what the person that had the room before you used the chair for, so it’s probably best to avoid it. People use the hotel chair to throw dirty clothes, shoes, towels, or bags on. Dr. Ghildayal points out that since hotel chairs are such a high traffic area, individuals can track bed bugs, viruses, or worse on them without even knowing that can get passed on to the next guest.