Festivus: An Airing Of The Grievances

The Tampa Bay Times asked readers to send in a list of their grievances so that they may be aired to celebrate Festivus (12/23), the made-up holiday from the “Seinfeld” tv show. Here are some of the reader’s grievances:

– E-scooters
– People’s breath
– Daylight savings time
– I’ve got a lot of problems with the people that put cilantro on everything!
– It’s 2019 and we still make glitter
– The ending to Game of Thrones!
– What was with the ending of Toy Story 4!?
– Do we really need a TV commercial about ED with men holding curved carrots not pointing in the correct direction?
– Old people who do all their grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday when they had absolutely nothing going on during the week.
– Old people who still use paper checks to buy $5 worth of stuff. Join us in the new millennium while you can.
– My grandparents on Facebook sharing every picture and post.
– Target remodeled and moved everything down half an aisle, just to spite ME.
– People, a click pen is a pen. Not a toy. You click it once to write and leave it so you can pick it up and write again! You do not have to keep clicking it, because that would be moronic.
– Customers at Starbucks who want to pay it forward. While I appreciate their generosity and good intentions, for some reason, whenever I get guilt tripped by the cashier to try return the favor, I always get stuck with a higher bill!
– Tiny little buttons on the sleeve of a shirt that no man can manage with one hand, let alone while rushing to get ready for work.
– It is almost 2020 and cereal still isn’t in a Ziploc bag.