Breaking Up with Your Partner Could Be the ‘Kindest Christmas Gift’

If you were planning on breaking up with your current partner, last Friday was the day to do it. According to the poll of 2,643 coupled-up and single people, Friday, December 6th was the “deadline” to break up with a partner before it becomes “too harsh”. Those who haven’t done so by this date are obliged to wait until January to do the deed.

 Nichi Hodgson, author of The Curious History of Dating, says it’s understandable to realize your relationship is falling apart around Christmas time. “Breaking up is always hard to do but it’s doubly hard at a time of year when you’re meant to be celebrating love, joy and sparkly connection with others,” she says. However, if you think it’s definitely over, it’s best to just end things.

 It will allow everyone involved to make alternative plans for the coming weeks if they’re no longer to be spent together and stop that feeling of dread at the forced emotions you’ll have to fake until January otherwise.” She adds: “In many ways, a break up can be the kindest Christmas gift you give someone – nobody wants to realize half way through the holidays that they’re running on borrowed time.”