Things Walt Disney Would Say If He Were Alive Today

Walt Disney would have been 118 today.  Which brings us to this list of The Top Things Walt Disney Would Say If He Were Alive Today.

  • So let me get this straight:  Is she Hannah with the wig ON and Miley with the wig OFF, or Hannah with the wig OFF and Miley with the wig ON?

  • Why does Johnny Depp dress like Goofy?

  • What’s with mustaches that are wider than a pencil?

  • What is Me Too and why does Snow White want all of the Seven Dwarfs to face charges?

  • If only I had the courage to be myself back in the day, I could have been Disney’s first Princess.

  • Hey, Donald Duck:  there’s this thing called “Prozac.”

  • Why do all these former Disney Channel stars move on to this thing called PornHub?

  • I guess these new Disney movies are good, but I have to admit, I kind of miss the troubling depictions of race.

  • Real people, dressed like cats, singing?  Why didn’t we think of that???

  • How did we let that young Kurt Russell get away?  Sign him back up immediately.  That boy’s gonna be a star, I tell ya!

  • Can we put some adorable Nazi uniforms on the singing grizzlies at the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney World?

  • Confession time:  Minnie is just Mickey in drag.

  • If you’ve ever been the parent of a toddler since the first “Frozen” movie came out . . . I’m sorry.

  • Can I borrow the microwave to thaw my head?