Do You Listen to Music While You Clean?

Did you put music on while you cleaned up after Thanksgiving?  A recent survey found 80% of us listen to music while we clean.  And the kitchen is the top place we really need it.

Here are five quick stats on our musical cleaning habits . . .

1.  85% of parents listen to music while they clean . . . maybe to drown out the kids?  That’s compared to 77% of people who don’t have children.

2.  Younger people are more likely to do it.  92% of people under 40 said they listen to music while they clean.

3.  People who live alone are less likely to do it.  72% compared to 81% for people who live with family or roommates.

4.  52% of people who do it have certain music or playlists they like to listen to while they clean.

5.  92% said music makes at least one of their chores more bearable.  And the #1 task we need it for is cleaning up in the kitchen.  (PR Newswire)