Thanksgiving Fun “Facts”  

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, please enjoy this list of The Top Thanksgiving Fun Facts.

  • Thanksgiving is ranked as America’s second favorite holiday.  Just behind McRib Day.

  • 9% of Americans spend Thanksgiving eating at a restaurant.  And 100% of surviving Jackson 5 members spend it WORKING at a restaurant.

  • At the first Thanksgiving, the Indians added folding chairs for some of the less important Pilgrims.

  • Many young people choose this holiday to come out, just so their families can fight over something other than politics.

  • The thing married men are the most thankful for?  Remembering to clear their browser history.

  • Thanks to anti-vaxxers, this year can have a truly traditional Thanksgiving, smallpox and all!

  • A 25-pound turkey can feed up to 698 supermodels.

  • The thing most people are thankful for this year is that those crying lady / smug cat memes are dying down.

  • Donald Trump is thankful for his family.  Or at least the ones whose names he can remember.

  • Eating tofurky on Thanksgiving is the most effective way to remind the world you’re a pretentious jerk

  • 75% of Americans would rather brawl over the last pair of Air Pods on Black Friday than spend all of Thursday with family.

  • There will be more than 54 million people on the roads this week . . . and more than half of them will be on their phones.

  • Four U.S. towns are named after turkeys.  And millions of old people’s necks look like them.

  • The only thing that gets sliced on Thanksgiving more than turkey is the Detroit Lions.

  • The first Thanksgiving was in 1621.  And the last one at your house will be in 2019 after your family fights about impeachment.

  • Putting a buckle on your hat qualifies you to accuse dinner guests of witchcraft.

  • If you don’t post Thanksgiving selfies holding a turkey leg with the #BLESSED, did you really even celebrate?

  • Over 100,000 questions are answered by the Butterball Turkey hotline each November and December, the most common being, “So what do you do the other 10 months of the year?”