Study: Your Emails Are Bad For The Environment

Now your emails are ruining the environment. A study, commissioned by OVO Energy, England’s leading energy supply company, found that sending email has such a high carbon footprint that just cutting out a single email a day — such as ones that simply say “LOL” — would cut 16,433 tons of carbon caused by the high-energy servers used to send emails. It could have the same effect as removing thousands of cars from the street.

According to the research, more than 64 million “unnecessary emails” are sent every day in the UK, contributing 23,475 tons of carbon a year to its footprint. The top 10 most “unnecessary” emails include: “Thank you,” “Thanks,” “Have a good weekend,” “Received,” “Appreciated,” “Have a good evening,” “Did you get/see this,” “You too,” and “LOL,” according to the study.

I wonder just how much electricity was wasted on running the computers for this study?