Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner

 The Old Homestead Steakhouse, in New York City, is serving America’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner. The feast costs $76,000 and features ….

$100 imported king oysters

$75 Dekopon oranges

$225-per-pound smoked bacon slabs

$475-per-pound imported Japanese Wagyu beef lollipops

a $3,300 bourbon gravy

a $4,800 Louis XIII cognac.

$105-per-pound organic turkey

$17-per-ounce Italian olive oil

$1,600-per-ounce black caviar

$455-per-pound imported Swedish moose cheese

a $46 sourdough loaf

$54-per-pound foie gras

Diners will also receive four tickets to Hamilton, limousine service, a two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental, a $7,500 Fifth Avenue shopping spree and a $20,000 Swiss watch. The dinner feeds eight