The “Intangible” Gifts We Wish We Could Give People

 It’s a nice thought to give someone an intangible gift . . . until they open the box and all that’s inside is a piece of paper that says, “I am giving you the gift of peace of mind.”  And they’re like . . . um, thanks?

A new survey asked people what INTANGIBLE GIFT they wish they could give someone in their life for the holidays this year.

And the top five are:  Good health . . . peace of mind . . . time . . . patience . . . and rest.

You can’t really buy any of those, but you CAN try to buy something that facilitates them.

Like, if you want to give someone good health, buy them an apple.  Or if you want to give someone patience, tell them to calm down after they dropped $500 on stuff for you and you just gave them an apple.  (Yahoo News)