Best Things About Being a Teacher

Since today is Future Teachers of America Day, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Best Things About Being a Teacher.

  • Nobody accuses you of doing your job just for the money.

  • You don’t even have to earn a “World’s Best Teacher” mug . . . you can buy those everywhere.

  • Those dissected frog carcasses make great soup!

  • Surprise locker searches are a great way to replenish your weed stash.

  • You have a lot of free time since making ramen for dinner every night only takes about three minutes.

  • Most of the kids aren’t old enough to notice when you have a hangover.

  • If you teach in an affluent area, you can have a great side hustle of taking bribes to change grades from obnoxious, entitled parents.

  • When your husband wants sex, you just give him the old, “Got papers to grade,” excuse.

  • You’ll never have to stress about making a payment on a Mercedes S 560.

  • All you have to do to get kids to behave nowadays is threaten to give them a peanut.

  • Nobody ever asks what you’re doing over the weekend because they know it’s drinking.

  • You never doubt your decision to not have kids.

  • White chalk is delicious!