How Noise Pollution When You’re Sleeping Affects You The Next Day

Noise pollution is a real issue– and it can really affect your health. Noise pollution is any type of noise that has a detrimental impact on people, and is usually caused by cars, trucks, and other forms of transportation, industrial noises, and even loud music or people. Sleep experts say when noise is happening while you’re asleep it is taken as your brain’s first warning to danger, and can prevent you from dropping down into deep sleep, or even interrupt your sleep. The issue is, even if the noise pollution doesn’t wake you up, it can still prevent you from being in deeper stages of sleep long enough for you to feel well-rested the next day. This can leave you feeling like you’re in a brain fog the next day, and over time can increase inflammation in the body and lead to high blood pressure. You should try to keep your bedroom as quiet as possible, but you could always sleep with ear plugs in, wear noise-cancelling headphones, or drown out noise with a white noise machine.