Things That Could Break Your Holiday Budget

A new survey looked at extra expenses we have around the holidays, and what it all costs.  So if you factor this stuff in now, it could help you stay within your budget.  Here are ten holiday expenses and the average cost of each one . . .

1.  Gifts for family and friends, $270.

2.  Holiday food and drinks at home, $117.

3.  Food and drinks at restaurants, $98.

4.  New clothes and beauty items, $71.

5.  Holiday entertainment, $68.

6.  Extra childcare or babysitting hours, $30.

7.  Decorations, $46.

8.  A Christmas tree, $34.

9.  Money spent on a house cleaner or cleaning supplies, $30.

10.  Buying things for a guest room, $25.

The survey also found that the average person who DOESN’T stick to their budget will overspend by a whopping $489. (Yelp)