Things that Annoy Billionaires

Bill Gates isn’t a big fan of Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax.  So we can add Elizabeth Warren to this list of The Top Things that Annoy Billionaires.


  • Ascots that clash with the yacht curtains.

  • A butler who isn’t British and not named Jeeves.

  • When chef overcooks the endangered leopard brisket.

  • The discovery that, despite rappers’ claims, wiping your butt with hundred dollar bills causes SERIOUS chafing.

  • Being outbid by Oprah on a Third World country.

  • Poor people who whine about trivial things like healthcare but don’t have to lie awake at night worrying if their thread count is high enough.

  • Trump deporting half of their household staff.

  • Regular people who think they can make eye contact. 

  • Patriots owner Robert Kraft constantly asking if they’d like to have a spa day with him.

  • The skyrocketing cost of buying a politician.

  • Missing out on creative challenges like making shoes from bread bags.

  • Food tasters who take too long to give a thumbs-up on the caviar.

  • An errant champagne cork damaging the Picasso.

  • Not being able to find a jet that is fueled by the tears of poor people.