The Different Ways Gen Z, Millennials, And Boomers Shop For The Holidays

People from different generations understandably do things differently– including holiday shopping. A new report from retail consultancy firm NPD Group shows that Gen Zers (ages 18 to 22) plan to spend the least amount of money out of all generations, and plan to begin shopping on Black Friday to get good deals. They are also less likely than Millennials or Gen Xers to shop online. When it comes to Millennials, 20 percent said they plan to start shopping on Black Friday, 46 percent plan to buy electronics, and the vast majority plan to shop online. Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1980) are expected to spend the most of all the generations, are most likely to purchase clothing, accessories and entertainment, and are most likely to shop at mass retailers and online-only retailers. Finally, Baby Boomers say they’ll begin shopping earlier than any other generation, and will spend the second-highest amount of money after Generation X. They plan to shop at brick-and-mortar stores, including department stores and national chains.