How To Make Sure You Have A Seat Next To Your Family On Your Next Flight

If you’re traveling for the holidays with your family, you may want to listen up. Basic airline economy tickets often don’t include the ability to choose your own seats. Luckily, the Department of Transportation (DOT) recently released guidelines regarding family seating on planes, which could help you dodge some fees. Here’s what you need to know. Each airline has its own specific policies regarding family seating, but the DOT says, “If seats are limited, [the airline] will try to assign seats so children under 15 are next to at least one adult on the same reservation record (which may result in adults in the party being separated.)” As a general rule you should understand your airline’s unique policy on this before your flight, but you should also be communicative with the airline. Most airlines will try to keep families seated together as it’s helpful to have an adult looking after their own child. You can make seat reassignments easier by booking your entire family airfare on the same reservation to keep every member of your traveling party close. If you book through a third-party website be sure to reach out to the airline directly and early to confirm your reservation. If you’re still not all seated together the day of your flight– arrive at the airport early and explain your situation to the gate agents, they may be be able to make changes. If you really want to guarantee you’ll sit together just pay whatever the fee is when you’re initially booking.