Top 20 most common Thanksgiving fails


1.   Not all of the cooking is done on time

2.   Not all the food is done cooking at the same time

3.   Ran out of wine

4.   Spilled a dish on the floor

5.   Forgot an essential ingredient in one dish

6.   One or more dish is cold by the time it’s served

7.   Ran out of a dish before everyone got some of it

8.   Cooked something incorrectly

9.   Forgot to take a food allergy into account

10.Turkey is burnt

11.Turkey is dry

12.Not enough seating

13.Food doesn’t taste right

14.Turkey is undercooked

15.Forgot the cranberry sauce

16.Forgot to thaw turkey ahead of time

17.Ran completely out of food

18.Forgot to pre-heat the oven

19.Turkey caught on fire

20.Pet got into the food