Does Your Significant Other Have “Selective Hearing”?

There’s an actual medical condition called “selective hearing” where people only hear one specific source of noise and block out everything else.

But that’s probably not what YOU think of when I say “selective hearing.”  You probably think about your significant other’s remarkable ability to only hear SOME of the stuff you say . . . and conveniently ignore the rest.

And according to a new survey, seven out of 10 people say they believe their significant other has THAT kind of selective hearing.

Men “don’t hear” something their partner says at least once a day . . . for a total of 388 times a year.

And women “don’t hear” something their partner says almost every day . . . for a total of 339 times a year.

But we’re willing to give our partners the benefit of the doubt . . . more than half think their significant other might have some kind of actual hearing issues. (SWNS Digital)