Signs You’re Too Old to Have Sex Twice a Day 

73 year old Suzanne Sommers says that even after 43 years of marriage, she still makes love with her 83 year old husband twice a day.


  • Truthfully, you forgot what goes where

  • Make love? You’d rather make lunch

  • What would the grandchildren think?

  • Who’d want to have sex when it’s so nice just to sit on the porch?

  • You require a sexy movie to set the mood but you don’t know how to work the remote

  • You’re not ready to put stress on the new hip

  • Hey, you’re not Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, for goodness sake!

  •  You have to clear it with at least three doctors

  • Just getting your pants off is going to take an hour

  • Can’t fit it into your peeing schedule