American Cat Owners Devote 20 Hours a Week to Be with Their Beloved Felines

From taking and sharing photos to cuddling their pets, cat owners spend 1,016 hours a year with their feline, according to new research. The survey of 1,000 cat owners examined just how much these furry ones mean to their owners and found the average respondent has two cats in their home.


With nearly 20 hours a week devoted to their feline friends, it comes as no surprise that the average cat owner documents their love frequently. Conducted by OnePoll, the survey found today’s cat owners take seven photos of their cat daily; that includes three solely of their fluffy friend and four more photos of themselves with their cat. In fact, 41 percent of cat owners have a framed photo of either their own cat or another beloved feline to admire.


Eighty-four percent of cat lovers said they treat their felines as if they are a part of their human family. Respondents’ feline love extends to those outside their family too – with owners following an average of seven cat-related accounts on social media.