Signs You’re at a Bad Séance

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt are reuniting for a séance, and sources close to Bridget tell us she plans to connect with their famous ex … Hugh Hefner. We’re told the former Girls Next Door are hosting a séance at Holly’s house — which she happens to think is haunted — and they’ll be getting an assist from Ghost Adventures star and Hollywood psychic medium Patti Negri.

  • The medium keeps asking if you’re “wearing a wire”

  • They’re using a Magic 8-Ball

  • All the spirits’ voices seem to be coming from the closet

  • It’s being held at a Greyhound station

  • You managed to contact actor Wilford Brimley, only to realize he’s not dead

  • When everyone joins hands, some joker starts singing “Kumbaya”

  • It’s sponsored by Frito-Lay

  • The person running it pronounces “séance” like “Beyoncé”

  • They don’t even bother to turn off the TV

  • It all takes place on Snapchat

  • When you ask the spirits questions, they reply “IM me”