Boost Your Mood—Listen to an Album

Today is “National Album Day,” which is something that actually exists apparently.

For anyone under the age of 25, “albums” are collections of songs . . . kind of like playlists . . . except the songs are all released at the same time, usually by a single artist.

Anyway, a British study has been released claiming that there’s a strong link between listening to full albums and positive mental well-being.

It quotes a recent survey where 82.9% of people said listening to albums helped them relax . . . 76.4% said listening to albums can make them feel better if they’re feeling down . . .

74.3% said listening to their favorite albums is a source of comfort . . . and 64.7% said they listen to their favorite albums when they feel like they need a lift.

Overall, people said that eating a favorite food was the most helpful way to boost their mood.  Reading was next, followed by listening to an album, exercising, watching a movie, watching TV, gardening, and taking a nap.