Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Halloween Costume

Halloween is quickly approaching and you haven’t come up with a costume idea.  So before you make your choice, take a minute to check out this list of The Top Things to Consider Before Deciding on a Halloween Costume.

  • Should I just wear a choker and go as a Los Angeles Dodger?

  • It might not be a good idea to take costume suggestions from Justin Trudeau.

  • How hard will it be to go to the bathroom in it?

  • Will it upset a millennial?  (If yes, purchase immediately.)

  • Should I save money on a costume and just go as middle-aged misery?

  • Is it so “hip” that I’ll have to spend all night explaining to everyone who I’m supposed to be?

  • Should I really commit to the pirate outfit and gouge my eye out?

  • Am I super excited for Halloween, or am I a grownup?

  • How much boob is too much . . . for a guy?

  • Is it worth attempting a sexy Mitch McConnell costume when the raw sex appeal of the real thing just can’t be matched?

  • Should I spend $39 on a packaged costume . . . or hold on to the money and buy a drink at Starbucks instead?

  • Will I frighten children . . . more than I already do?