Goal-Oriented People Have Better Sex

A recent study has found that people who say they have “incredible” sex are more likely to be proactive goal-setters across various areas of their lives.


According to the research, 93% of people who said they had “incredible” sex set regular goals for themselves, while only 52% of people who described their sex lives as “boring or non-existent” were consistent goal-setters.


This extends to setting goals with a partner, with 84% of people with “incredible” sex lives saying they set goals with their partner, and only 42% of people who answered “boring or non-existent” setting goals as a couple.


When it comes to the type of goals respondents said they were setting, they included things to do with their relationship and sex life, to other areas like money, health and fitness.


44% of people in relationships said the goals they set with their partner were sexual, like having sex more often, trying new positions or kinks, while 49% said their goals were relational, including sharing more, being more truthful and reliable.


Meanwhile, 79% of couples said the goals they set together were financial, covering issues like spending and budgeting. 62% said their goals were physical, such as making exercise and weight loss plans. Only 6% of people in relationships said they don’t discuss any goals with their partner.