Signs You Picked the Wrong Car Repair Shop

If your car needs service, you hope to find a reputable and professional establishment.  And hopefully, no place like you’ll hear described on this list of The Top Signs You Picked the Wrong Car Repair Shop.

  • There’s not a single nude calendar from 1975 anywhere on the walls.

  • None of the TVs in the waiting room are tuned into daytime courtroom shows.

  • He only repairs fuzzy dice and Truck Nutz.

  •  When you try to imitate the sound your car is making, the mechanic gets aroused.

  • On their signs, they spelled “car” wrong.

  • You arrive with the “Check Engine” light on.  You leave with the “Check Everything Else” light on.

  • Two words:  Versace coveralls.

  • Instead of a computer, they diagnose your engine using a monkey named “Bowzer.”

  • They only use oil drained from Donald Trump Jr.’s hair.

  • None of its mechanics are named “Cletus.”