Average American Hasn’t Made a New Friend in Five Years

We know that it’s harder to make friends as we get older, but it might be surprising to learn just how hard it can be, with a new survey by Evite finding that the average American hasn’t made a new friend in five years.

In the poll, 45 percent of adults said they find it hard to make new friends, with reasons including 42 percent saying it’s because they are introverted or shy, one-third saying it’s because they don’t like the bar scene, and another one-third feeling everyone else’s circle of friends has already formed, making it harder to join the group.

Additionally, 29 percent cite family commitments, 28 percent not having hobbies that lend themselves to making friends, and 21 percent name moving to a new city. Looking at the friends we do have, the survey said the average adult has 16 current, active friendships. Of those, three are considered friends for life, five are worthy of hanging out together one-on-one, and eight are generally well-liked, but not enough to hang out with them in person that often.