Rejected New Barbie Dolls

All rise. The honorable Judge Barbie has entered the courtroom. Mattel, the makers of the iconic doll, announced the latest choice for their “Career of the Year” line: the Barbie Judge doll. Retailing for $12.99, the Barbie Judge comes outfitted in a black robe and comes with a gavel and block “to help her call the room to order and make important decisions.” Here were some of the ideas they rejected before they settled on Judge Barbie:


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Barbie

  • What She Really Wants to Do Is Direct Barbie

  • Permanent Intern Barbie

  • White Collar Criminal Barbie

  • Big Disappointment Barbie

  • Still Taking Improv Classes Barbie

  • Trust Fund Barbie

  • Competitive Eater Barbie

  • Perennial Bridesmaid Barbie

  • Back in Rehab Barbie

  • Chancellor of Germany Barbie

  • Making the Rent as a Dog Walker Until She Gets Her Life Figured Out Barbie