Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business

If starting your own business is a goal, it might be helpful to first take a minute to review this list of The Top Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Business.


  • Do I have to set aside money for mob shakedowns, or is that just in the Scorsese movies?

  • Should I do market research . . . which I think means go to the grocery store and check out the hot moms?

  • After I order 10,000 boxes of business cards, then what?

  • Do I have good business acumen?  And did I just have to look up the word “acumen?”

  • How much ramen can I stomach?

  • Should I go back to school to get my M.B.A.?  What about my eighth-grade diploma?

  • How successful do I have to be before I start getting laid?

  • Can I save on office rent by working from home . . . well out of my parents’ home since that’s where I live.

  • Does my spouse have a good enough job to support the family while I fail?

  • Is there really a market for a goldfish psychologist?

  • Is it a bad idea that my business plan is in crayon?

  • Will having flexible hours allow me time to never go to the gym?