Taco Fun “Facts” 

It’s National Taco Day.  So please take a minute to enjoy this list of The Top Taco Fun “Facts”.

  • They’re one of the few things President Trump allows to cross the border into the U.S.

  • The most popular taco joint in every town is the one closest to the pot dispensary.

  • They are popular at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Sorry.  That’s a Top Scotch Fun Fact.

  • If you haven’t had sex in a Taco Bell bathroom between midnight and dawn, are you even living?

  • People who really like to eat them are called “fat.”

  • Americans eat over 4.5 billion a year.  Which is why toilet paper is a billion-dollar industry.

  • Setting up a taco bar at your party is a good way to tell your guests, “I’m cheap.”

  • Their popularity in Texas has spread all over the U.S., unlike Beto O’Rourke’s.

  • They proved that Americans really can be drunk and / or hungry enough to eat something off the back of a truck.

  • Kevin Hart’s favorite kind of taco?  Shrimp.

  • Taco Tuesday is super popular in the U.S.  Tofu Tuesday?  Not so much.