Rejected Slogans for Yuengling-Hershey’s Chocolate Beer

Hershey and Yuengling have teamed up to brew a new grown-up treat, just in time for Halloween. The result? Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter.  The brewing company says the brew pairs well with cheese, smoky barbeque and, well, more chocolate. It’s staying off shelves for now, but it’ll be available on tap in bars and restaurants in 13 states

  • Who cares what your kidneys say?

  • Makes a great practical joke!

  • Chocoholic, alcoholic-what’s the diff?

  • If 8-year-olds could invent a beer, this would be it

  • Like Halloween and Oktoberfest in a glass

  • When you say “adult-onset diabetes,” you’ve said it all

  • The beer you can give trick-or-treaters

  • Mom tested, kid approved!

  • Honestly, it seemed like a good idea

  • Everyone will wonder what you’re puking up

  • Hershey-Yuengling! You sound drunk just saying it!