Signs Your Cat May Be Overweight

America has an epidemic-level number of fat cats. According to a new study, More than 50 percent of the nation’s kitties are overweight or obese.


  • You have to weigh it on a truck scale

  • It can’t fit through the cat door – or the regular door

  • Instead of mice, it’s been catching full-grown raccoons

  • Three words: Broke the litterbox

  • Visitors keep mistaking it for a fur-covered ottoman

  • You’ve started feeding it small goats and sheep

  • Tour buses stop at your house to snap photos

  • It’s now officially classified as a lion

  • Doesn’t ever change out of its sweatpants

  • It’s somehow learned how to dial Domino’s on your cell phone

  • You’re getting calls from the producers of The Biggest Loser

  • It jumped into your lap and gave you a hernia

  • When it lays around the house…well, you know