At Work Time-Wasters

Most people don’t want to be at work a minute longer than necessary.  So this is fairly annoying . . .

A recent poll found the average eight-hour workday includes 2 hours and 22 minutes of pointless things that just waste time.  Or about a third of your day.  Here’s how it breaks down . . .

1.  26 minutes a day trying to get old technology to work.  Like waiting on a slow computer or a jammed-up printer.  44% of people said their company’s tech is outdated.

2.  29 minutes a day of pointless meetings.

3.  29 minutes a day of pointless paperwork.

4.  24 minutes of other random tasks you don’t really need to do.

5.  34 minutes of your coworkers chatting you up.

(SWNS Digital)