Top Batman Tweets

Tomorrow is Batman Day.  So while the Caped Crusader waits to celebrate his 80th anniversary, he found time to get on Twitter.  Here are The Top Batman Tweets.

  • Sure Catwoman’s hot, but have you ever watched her groom herself?  #Dealbreaker

  • Bale totally got the voice wrong.  I don’t even like death metal.

  • @CommissionerGordon:  99.99% of the world has cell phones.  Why are you still using a Bat-signal?!?

  • Robin had to get me an oxygen mask.  Fell for Alfred’s pull my finger trick.

  • Flaming dog poo on the porch?  You’re seriously losing your touch, Joker.

  • What to wear today:  cowl and cape?  Or cape and cowl?

  • They should bring back those word bubbles when I punch someone in the face.  Those made me feel SO badass!

  • Does Uber have cars with turbine power?  #BatmobileInTheShop

  • @JustinTrudeau:  nice job, pal.  And I thought I put something silly on my face.

  • My secret strategy for dealing with the Riddler’s sophisticated mind games?  Repeatedly shouting, “I know you are, but what am I?!?”

  • @LouisCK:  thanks for your offer to join the Justice League but we already have a “Flash.”

  • Bill Clinton told me to cast Hillary as MRS. Freeze.

  • My favorite outfit?  The one with nipples.  #JustSayin

  • Remind me never to make another movie with Superman.

  • Sure, I could fight the penguin.  But why not wait a few years for him to go extinct?