Five Ways to Protect Yourself Against Phone Scams

With the Venmo texting scam going around, it’s a good reminder we all need to stay vigilant.  Here are five ways to protect yourself from phone scams.

1.  Register for the Do Not Call Registry.  There will still be companies and criminals that ignore the fact that you’re on the registry, but it should reduce calls from companies that follow the rules.

2.  Don’t trust your caller ID.  Scammers can make it look like their calls or texts are coming from trusted sources, like phone numbers that look similar to yours.

3.  Don’t respond or hang up if you did answer.  When you engage with spam callers, or reply to their texts, they could end up contacting you even MORE.

4.  Don’t pay anyone who calls or texts you.  If you get a call or text trying to get you to pay money, it’s almost certainly a scam.  ESPECIALLY if they ask for it through a wire transfer or gift card.  Legitimate companies just don’t do that.

5.  Report scam calls to the FTC.  You can report them at  The more data the FTC has, the more it helps with enforcement. 

(Consumer Reports)