Pirate Fun-“Facts”

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day . . . so we thought it’d be a good time to check out this list of The Top Pirate Fun Facts.

  • They can take a parrot anywhere if they call it their therapy parrot.

  • In his later years, Blackbeard tried to hide the grey by using Just for Pirates.

  • Everyone loves pirates.  Sorry.  Everyone loves TO pirate.  It’s why we haven’t paid for music in decades!

  • They slept in hammocks and kept parrots as pets . . . and yet somehow most of them hated Jimmy Buffett.

  • No pirate has actually had their timbers shivered.

  • There were actually female pirates.  Where do you think Johnny Depp got HIS look?

  • Captain Hook’s biggest fear?  Going to sleep and forgetting he had jock itch.

  • Pirates wore earrings, but only to ward off seasickness.  But that doesn’t explain the frilly knickers.

  • People who dress like pirates are called “Stevie Nicks.”

  • They were bloodthirsty, murderous criminals.  Like Oakland Raiders fans.  But not as bad.

  • It’s expected that pirates drink rum, yet everyone snickers if they order a mojito.

  • The one thing they feared most was having a terrible baseball team named after them.

  • Their favorite exercise for their abs?  Planks!

  • There were many women pirates, although they only got 80% of the plunder of male pirates.

  • They did some swashing and some buckling, but very little swashbuckling.

  • Their favorite genre of music?  AAAHHHRR & B!