Least Popular Stephen King Stories

USDish is running a contest where one person will be paid $1,300 to watch 13 STEPHEN KING movies, while monitoring their heart rate, sleep patterns, and the number of JUMPSCARES. But some stories are better than others…


  • Rhymes with “It”

  • Children of the Genetically Modified Corn

  • I Wrote This in 40 Minutes!

  • The Shining II: Airbnb

  • Cujo Squats on the Rug

  • Hellraiser: Or Did Somebody Else Already Do That?

  • Christine Baranski

  • Pet Seminary

  • A Bunch of Stuff Even I Wouldn’t Publish

  • My Eight Wives (sorry, I thought you said LARRY King)

  • Stand By #MeToo

  • I’m Stephen King: Boo!!